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Hello my lovelies im lianne or li for short, im all the way in the UK. I have a wonderful family and a very supportive husband who loves my work i create and a very sweet daughter who is amazing, ive been making mini albums since oct 2010, cardmaking & bit of scrapbooking since 2008. please drop by stay and enjoy and leave comments and mabe even follow me. x

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Moving House soon !

Hiya everyone right i will be viewing new house on monday 22nd August 2011 and then we sign up for house, straight after, then we have a few days to get packed up and moved into new house so not long really so we wont be online for for a few months so dont worry if i dont post im still around just not online, i will post when im back online which should be a few months. miss yoiu all already. be back crafting in a few months. xxxx

Monday, 15 August 2011

Not been well but i finished my cards YAY!!!

Hi everyone well the past week i have not been to well due to running out of my medication for the fibromyalgia but im on the mend now and i have managed to make 6 new cards for the card swap at Mini album Scraps you must check them out its a wonderful site and very friendly. i love it there, its the most friendliest site i know. Any how i have some pictures to show you of my new cards hope you like them let me know what you think. ill post thiese pictures then im off to bed its 2:20am here in the uk.... i had a late night...he he night all. xxx

Thursday, 11 August 2011

a few more cards & a new video

Hiya everyone i have made a few more cards and guess what i made a new video yesterday there was supposed to be 2 but one didnt upload so im gutted as i thought it had uploaded and deleted it off my phone...lol typical me... but i did do a tutorial a bag charm tutorial so hope you find it easy to do, if not just private message me on youtube. and heres a couple of pictures of my new cards aswell. x 

Saturday, 6 August 2011

my 1st card in ages...lol

Hiya  well ive not been able to do much crafting but tonight i cant sleep and thought i would see about making a card, its blank no title but im really happy how it turned out for it being a very simple card, what do you think? leave your comment below. xxx

Thursday, 4 August 2011

moving house!

well i wont be crafting for a few months as im gonna be very busy packing for moving house in a few weeks, but i promise when we are settled i WILL be back and crafting, joining in swaps, and challanges etc... i cant wait.its so stressful moving house i know but it will be worth it....lol so i just thought id give you a little update. ill keep you posted!

hugz li. xxx