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Hello my lovelies im lianne or li for short, im all the way in the UK. I have a wonderful family and a very supportive husband who loves my work i create and a very sweet daughter who is amazing, ive been making mini albums since oct 2010, cardmaking & bit of scrapbooking since 2008. please drop by stay and enjoy and leave comments and mabe even follow me. x

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A little apologie & a Recipe Album. x

Hello my lovelies im ever so sorry ive not been posting alot and in a long time, i have been very porrly but im on mend now and will be getting back to crafting soon.  which means more new projects and pictures and videos. i have a haul video to do, and some cards to make and im gonna concerntrate on my colouring with pro markers as ive bought some more, what else is there ermmm... Im also on twitter so you can follow me on there aswell.
Which i think you can get to at menu bar where i have my twitter feed. Oh i almost forgot i also have some pictures of my new Recipe Mini album that i did sorry its late i did it about 5/6 weeks ago now, but like i said i been quite ill but now im on mend and can post them now.

I used the paperline DCWV - Nana's Kitchen and the paper is LUSH! perfect for what i wanted to do. The album is roughly 4" x6" and comes with plenty of tags and pockets for photo's and journalling, which is what i was aiming for.

 I will be making more mini albums soon, as im gonna make one for my cousin so i will again post pictures up of that but i promise i wont leave it as long this time....lol xxx

Before i forget i have a video on this album aswell if you are intrested and want to see it please subscribe and leave a comment... let me know what you think.
Enjoy. x0x0x

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