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Hello my lovelies im lianne or li for short, im all the way in the UK. I have a wonderful family and a very supportive husband who loves my work i create and a very sweet daughter who is amazing, ive been making mini albums since oct 2010, cardmaking & bit of scrapbooking since 2008. please drop by stay and enjoy and leave comments and mabe even follow me. x

Sunday, 16 October 2011

my 1st halloween mini album ever!

Hey everyone! how are we all doing? well i have a new video and i have some new pictures of my 1st ever halloween mini album im so chuffed on how it has turned out. please let me know what you think. I have also started making my christmas cards aswell thing is i have started making them but not got a number of how many i need to make so i need to get my act together i think as i have it a bit back to front...he he

I have also gathered all my craft stuff and moved it to my kitchen table...lol has anyone else done this or am i the only one.....lol it was just so much easier for me to do it this way as i spend alot of time in the kitchen and i love to craft so wallah the only pain is i have to clear it all up everytime im ready to make tea...loli think yoiu will see some of the table in the new video...he he...

right thats it from me today  courtney is back to school tomorow so i will try and update again im gonna try and update as much as i can from now one. please leave me some feedback about my latest mini. bye 4 now. xxx

oh also look at this picture of my silly cat she tries to sleep anywhere... 


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